The Skully AR-1 is a motorcycle helmet designed to take technology to new roads, and is the creation of motorcycle enthusiast Marcus Weller. More than just a simple helmet for riders, the AR-1 has a heads up display that shows exactly what’s going on behind the rider via its rear-view camera.

If you’re a rider, and have some change lying around to buy a helmet, roughly in the neighbourhood of $1,3999,Then you can pre-order the Skully AR-1 for yourself.

This is a one of a kind motorcycle helmet, that allows the rider to sync either an Android or Apple smartphone, allowing hands-free voice calls and the playback of music while riding. Even better, the AR-1 is able to give turn by turn directions through its own built-in GPS on a heads up display within the helmet itself. All these functions are controlled by Skully’s voice recognition system powered by a battery that should last roughly about 9 hours.

Founder and CEO Marcus Weller stated:

The AR-1 will introduce a new era in intelligent transportation by combining optics, intelligent vehicle systems and connectivity to deliver unprecedented levels of safety

The Skully helmet can also collaborate to a rider, determining the best area to place the heads up display for optimal use. Even though I don’t ride anymore, I would invest into this helmet for riding because I just love gadgets, and it just looks cool.

Simply put this is one of the most intriguing wearable devices, with safety being the top priority, helping riders avoid collisions with its built-in technology.


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