Daimler, The German Automobile Giant. The owner of the Smart Automobile Brand, the world famous car manufacturer that produces a line of Microcars and Subcompacts has decided to stop selling gasoline-powered vehicles in the United States and Canada after 2017.

Displayed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the 2017 Smart Fortwo will feature all-electric drive. This will be their fourth generation of electric drive for the Smart Fortwo, but also the first time for electric power to be offered in the four-seater Smart Forfour. Smart’s current line of cars includes the Smart Fortwo Coupe, Smart Fortwo Cabrio, and Smart Forfour.

Smart will be the only car manufacturer to offer an all-electric convertible in the U.S with the Fortwo Cabrio, and the only manufacturer to have all its models available in electric or gasoline variants.

According to Daimler, the 2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Coupe will go on sale in the U.S. in Spring 2017, while the convertible Cabrio will be released the following summer.

Changing Auto Industry Prompts New Focus for Daimler in North America

Electric power seems to be the more efficient choice for the Smart range of cars, which has been primarily designed for congested urban areas since the original concept. It’s been said that the demand from the previously launched electric-powered Smart Cars has exceeded all expectations, so this may not be a bad direction for them to head in.

smart electric vehicle

Daimler looks as though they’re carving out a niche and wish to be known as the leader of ‘mini-electric cars’ in North America. This could be their response to the struggling sales of small cars in the United States, and the overall brand’s extremely low and dropping sales in the region. Compared with the rest of the world.

A significant advancement with the fourth-generation of Smart’s electric cars is the faster charging. It has an onboard charger that comes as standard and can charge the car in about 2.5 hours. Twice as fast as the previous generation. If your infrastructure supports three-phase charging, a new 22kW fast charger will allow the vehicle to get charged in 45 minutes or less.

This will bring about a max range of 160km. So with this in mind, it seems as though the long overnight charge times, and the dreadfully short-range of many previously introduced Smart Electric Car, won’t be a huge issue with the latest generation of Smart’s electric vehicles.

In fact, one of the best feature’s is the convenience to just plug-in and recharge at home, at the office, or while shopping. Saving you the trouble of having to make stops at the fuel pump continuously.

Prices are expected to start from $23,000 and may bring about significant tax savings due to its use of electric energy.

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