To meet the future with innovation, Electra Mecannica’s SOLO EV will help bring a revolutionary concept to life by introducing wireless charging for its electric vehicle shortly.

By teaming up with RICARDO, the Canadian-based designer, and manufacturer of EVs will integrate a new wireless charging system from Qualcomm that promises to make life easier for drivers.

Qualcomm Halo WEVC technology just may be the key that unlocks the door to perfect mobility for environmentally-minded people.

Ricardo’s mission is simple but yet sophisticated at the same time. Using its vast resources to eliminate waste through sustainable technologies, this company continues to work with world-class organizations from motorsports to the commercial transport sector to solve strategical challenges.

By its firm understanding in its research of how people communte, Electra Meccanica brings a valuable insight not only to the world of electric vehicles but also to the all-important sector of autonomy.

Qualcomm Halo Wireless Charging For EVs

Ed Theobald, General Manager, Electra Meccanica:

At Electra Meccanica, we believe the future of mobility will include autonomous driving options, so we felt that it was important to start engineering those capabilities for SOLO now

We are seeing a big push from major automotive manufacturers to bring autonomous technology on the world stage.

Electra Meccanica’s bold initiative also solves another issue that some owners of EVs hate having to deal with, and that’s wired charging.

Any driveway or parking lot fitted with Qualcomm Halo can powerup much almost in the same way as we wirelessly charge our Samsung Galaxy devices.

Automotive manufacturers that use this technology will have specific parameters that need to be met with their vehicles.

The beauty of SOLO is its ultra utilitarian nature provides for an extremely compact car that can fit into almost any corner and crevasse, making it the right fit for this technology.

We are potentially looking at a future not only void of complex charging cables, but one of that which could allow unlimited driving.

Qualcomm Halo won’t be limited to a driveway or a parking lot but will branch out into roads and highways.

What this means, is that Electra Mecannica’s SOLO can be driven and charged at the same time without the need to stop. Charging stations could be a thing of the past before they become mainstream.

Currently, RICARDO and Electra Meccanica are continuing their work on integrating the two systems. Hardware and software systems are now ready for test runs for those who want to experience the future of personal transportation.

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