Every company puts great effort into creating and maintaining brand awareness. Having a robust social media branding strategies is unbeatable regarding reaching an enormous number of people at a low-cost. Social media is the place where people discuss, comment, share, buy and advertise.

Because people are exposed to an enormous amount of content every day, marketing strategies need to change to keep current and stay relevant. The only way businesses can keep their brand relevant in 2017 is to follow trends.

New rules

Traditional online marketing has seen better days. People have become distrustful of companies who use uninventive generic ads. So it should not surprise you why roughly 200 million Internet users have installed some ad-blocking software. With the average 0.6% click-through rate of an online ad, marketers need to spruce up the ad game. Consumers are more likely to believe recommendations from their friends and families and are always keen on sharing opinions over social media.        

Keep your brand alive and kicking

Social media is a dynamic ecosystem where information changes and reaches users instantaneously. That means that brands need to be active all the time. The interaction between a brand and its potential customer never ends. Estimates show that popular social media platforms now harbor over 1.65 billion active accounts every day, with a million new ones arriving every day. Such a challenging environment requires every employee to act as a brand representative. Some companies go even further, encouraging employees to use their private profiles to spread brand awareness.

To each their own

Social Media Branding

Winning over customer loyalty takes more than one successful campaign. That is why today’s branding focuses on maintaining excellent consumer experiences. To meet this, companies need to research and identify the favored platforms of their target customers and reach out to them. Instead of trying to cover all the networks, they should focus on a few key ones. Speaking in roulette terms, it is better to bet on a split than on red.

  • Facebook should be the top priority, as 75% male Internet users and 83% female ones are using this platform.
  • Companies that target other businesses as customers should consider LinkedIn.
  • Younger users are more easily reached through Snapchat or Instagram.
  • Pinterest is a treasure trove for businesses that rely predominantly on visual marketing.

Pinpoint accuracy

In a torrential flood of campaigns, content, and services, it is getting harder for marketers to keep the brand above water and reach their target audience.

In 2017, companies need to focus on creating personalized ads and campaigns. Digital companies like Leafcutter help businesses with researching an audience and they also help organizations launch tailored campaigns targeting a very specific client base. Call to action like, Buy Now or Read More can funnel the audience into different areas of interest, sending a valuable feedback to marketers.

Interactive content

In 2017, people have grown tired of just watching. They want to be a part of the game. That is one of the main reasons why social media marketing became so successful – it gives consumers a sense of importance and unity with the brand. The future is going to bring new technological trends into this arena. Behemoth brands like IKEA are already experimenting with virtual reality to promote their products. Never resting more than a few weeks, Facebook has opened new marketing possibilities with their Live feature. Brands are only beginning to discover how useful it is.

The social media setting is constantly changing, and no one can predict accurately what the future brings. New trends emerge, and others recede. Twitter’s share of users is in steady decline, and no one can tell what new platform will take its place. To get to the top of the food chain, companies need to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing marketing environment constantly.

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