Since we love talking about technology and how it can improve your life or break your bank account, I thought it might make sense to check out the KIWI P1, A compact laser measurer.


  • Accuracy – 1/152ft (2mm)
  • Range – 0.6-130ft (0.2-40mm)
  • Laser Class – 2
  • Laser Type – 635~650nm, <1 mW
  • Battery (2 x AAA) – 5 hours
  • Dimension (L*W*H) – 100*35*18mm
  • Weight (with batteries) – 68g
  • Auto Fetch – Yes
  • Smart Switch – Optional

This laser distance meter is made from a company that you’ve never heard of called Myantenna Tech located in Hong Kong.

They are claiming that, this is the world’s most compact electronic tape measure.

It’s a bold statement when you consider the plethora of alternatives on the North American market alone and not to mention the world.


Since I don’t have much experience with these high-tech devices, I’ll just take their word for it, for now.

I measure things the old fashion way, and that’s by my eyeballs and occasionally my tape measure.

But laser distance measuring tools are sought after by professionals in various industries.

Construction workers, interior designers, and even regular everyday folks like yourself make use of these devices.

And there must be a lot of them checking this thing out on INDIEGOGO because this crowdfunding campaign has far exceeded its funding goal.

The Kiwi P1

It’s being touted as powerful, precise, quick and easy to use with an accuracy of +/-2 mm in a sleek package.

I found the readings to be accurate enough to back the company’s claims.

KIWI P1 Display

There are four modes to cycle through all from one button on the side of this tool:

  1. On/OFF
  2. Pause
  3. Auto-Fetch
  4. Switch Units between mm & ft

With continuous usage, users can expect roughly 5 hours of battery life via 2 AAA batteries.

Unless your job is to hold the tape measure all day in one hand, I’d venture out and say 5 hours is plenty.


The device is certainly slim and portable. While it’s small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, the kIWI P1 would be better suited inside of a toolbox or utility belt.

Plastic surrounds the frame with a matte finish, which looks like it would be easily scratchable.

The vertical alignment (VA) display is big enough to display all the relevant info that you need.

For anyone needing to go into dark areas to take measurements, the laser sight comes in handy.

You can take readings in total darkness if need be, without the device skipping a beat.

I think that part is nice considering the limitations of self-retracting tape measures.

Sometimes it can be hard to see, in less than ideal lighting conditions to read the units, and if your finger slips while holding the hook in place, the entire thing retracts.

Those issues are not present with the P1. I’m not sure how far the limitations are, but I easily measured the length in my basement at about 30ft.


It has an exclusive Smart Switch add-on that offers users a 180-degree experience. I was able to capture readings at 90-degrees, which is handy for measuring height.

What I like most about this laser measuring device is how easy it is to use.

Within just a matter of a few minutes, I was already taking measurements.

Sure it’s far from perfect, and there are things Myantenna Tech could do to make the KIWI P1 a touch better.

I would love to see some weatherproofing abilities here. As a multi-use device contractors using this device will meet varying weather conditions.

I would also love to have the display auto-rotate when placed in a different orientation.

Sometimes I found myself tilting my neck just to make out the readings.

A mini level would also be useful if the company could somehow build it into the body.

And speaking of the body, I have my doubts if the P1 could take much of a beating.

Maybe a rubberized shell or even an optional case would help ease some of my concerns.

Of course, this all would add to the cost of the unit which as of this writing sells for $49USD + shipping on INDIEGOGO.

Overall, there is not a lot to dislike about the P1. It is lightweight, simple to use, affordable and I certainly recommend it.

The demand is certainly there, and all Myantenna Tech needs to do, is come through on their delivery promises.

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