Electra Meccanica’s SOLO , is a B.C made electric car that only seats one person potentially making it a useful daily commuter vehicle. It only has 3 wheels with a range of 125 miles while costing $19,888.

The SOLO, is the product from the Electra Meccanica company and its founder Jerry Kroll, who has a vision to putt affordable mobility into everyone’s driveway.

Kroll, saw the need for the SOLO, when he began developing advanced electric race cars at the Nasa Research Park in Mountainview California back in 2007. With the help of his friend Henry Reisner, President of Intermeccanica Inc, the first prototype was saw its completion in January, 2015.

This 3 wheel car, may only fit one person, but according the company, there’s a reason behind this rational. The majority of driving is done by one person, usually, whether from school, the office or shopping or what have you. Instead of using a petrol-based vehicle that weighs substantially more than the Solo’s 450kg curb weight to ride around in burning up gas, you can take care of your daily tasks while saving money on fuel with this electric car which doesn’t weigh all that much.

SOLO electric car

It takes just about 3 hours with a 220V charging station or 6 hours with a 110V station to charge the 8.64 kW/h Lithium Ion battery, giving you a range of up to 100 miles. Using a lightweight aerospace composite chassis, your 0-60mph times comes by in just 8.0 seconds. It may not be Earth-shattering acceleration when compared to a Tesla, but it will get you to where you need to be efficiently and at the same time producing zero emissions.

On the inside of the vehicle, you’ll have your usual compliment of standard options that you can find on most new vehicles, such as:

  • LCD Digital Instrument Cluster
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Power Windows
  • AM/FM Stereo with Bluetooth/CD/USB
  • Adjustable Clth Covered Seats
  • Carpeted Trunk
  • Rear View Backup Camera

Slowly we are seeing manufacturers introducing new electric cars to the market for specific purposes. EV cars are gaining in popularity as more people look to sustainable uses of natural resources as a viable option.

The Government of Canada welcomes the use of EV cars because they are efficient and don’t pollute our environment. Depending on the Province you’re in, you may qualify for a rebate when you purchase the SOLO EV, potentially saving yourself thousands on the final price.

Available in a variety of colors, there are options for titanium silver, electric red, ravel black and arctic white. Buyers will also get a 2 year unlimited mileage warranty with the SOLO, when it goes on sale this summer.

If you want to reserve yours, a $250 refundable deposit is required.

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