Have you ever bought tickets for a concert or a sporting event, feeling excited about going to the venue, only to be let down by what you thought was going to be a great spot to watch the game?

Well meet the Rukkus app, which features Seat360, a new way to see what your ticket will get you in a sweet 360-degree VR panoramic view from where you’ll be sitting.

Now you will know what to expect before buying your ticket and going to that game or concert through a bit of Virtual Reality. It’s a practical app, that could potentially save you a lot of money before attending the event of your choice. You can buy tickets for many of the Broadway events, NBA, NHL and MLB stadiums in the U.S. and Canada.

More locations are being added to Rukkus’ repository, and this technology can also be used with VR headsets if you really want to get into it.

This ticket search engine, which was launched April 14, 2016 has generated Rukkus close to $1 Million in revenue alone. A testament of not only how popular this useful service is, but at the simple innovation it brings.  Some of the app’s features include:

✔ Search over 1,000 ticket vendors at once.
✔ Beautiful interactive seating charts with first-person seat views.
✔ Recommended events based on your music tastes and favorite artists.
✔ Checkout in just 2 taps. Save even more time by using our card scanner.
✔ Mobile ticket entry for venues accepting e-tickets. No printed tickets required.
✔ Find the best prices for regular season and playoff tickets for your favorite teams.
✔ Use your Android Wear to view/scan tickets for eligible games.
✔ Best prices 100% guaranteed.

This VR seat experience, solves many issues you might have with hard to understand seating charts, photos and maps with a simple to use and interactive interface. It’s a game changer and money saver app all in one package. You check out the company’s desktop version or can download the free app for your  Android and iOS devices before going to that next event.

If you want to find out more about the amazing Seat360, and how it can save you a ton of time and money then you can head over to their resource page. Check back often, as they will be adding more useful features soon.

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