The technology is getting better with each passing day as companies push the barriers of what you think an automobile’s limits are. That is what Genovation has done in joining forces with the Prefix Corporation, and Stafl Systems to bring the world the GXE electric supercar.

This EV high-performance car made its début at CES 2018 in front of a packed audience.

Unlike a Ferrari LaFerrari or Porsche 918 Spyder, this is an all-electric supercar.

And just like its hybrid relatives, the GXE delivers 0-60 mph in under a blistering three seconds and can rocket to more than 220 mph on a single charge, which as far as I know makes this the fastest all-electric supercar among startups.

Although you’re unlikely to achieve such incredible performance on public roads, these numbers are absolutely incredible to wonder at.

What makes the GXE an exceptional vehicle, is the fact they are using Corvette as their platform for success, which is an icon not only in North America but in other parts of the world.

According to the company, this all-electric supercar produces 800 HP, 700 lb-ft torque which in normal everyday driving, will get you roughly 175 miles on a full charge. All of this power is produced by twin-electric motors and state-of-the-art batteries.

Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation Cars Inc.:

Our objective is offering a sustainable all-electric high-performance supercar with record-shattering speed capability, paired with ample and efficient range, by harnessing and optimizing the very best of available technologies

Where Genovation takes things up a notch for driving enthusiasts, is the transmission offerings.

All electric supercar

Talk to any respectable car nut or gearhead, and they will tell you their weapon of choice is a stick shift.

Running through those gears gives a driver a better sense of control and connectivity between man and machine.

Automatic transmissions are great in their own right but fall just a tad short when it comes to the total package in what a pure driving experience should be.

Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the GXE makes use of two transmission types.

The first being a seven-speed manual which includes a clutch pedal, and the second a paddle shift automatic gearbox.

Pair the first tranny option with the GXE’s custom carbon-fiber wheels, premium soft suede-like Alcantara or custom leather interior, and it’s easy to see why people are excited about this vehicle.

And best of all, the GXE in environmentally friendly. It should calm the noise coming from those who can’t stand the sight of petrol-based vehicles and their diesel counterparts. Only a limited production of 75 units are being made according to Genovation. Those who have pre-ordered can expect their deliveries in 2018 sometime.

Genovation is still taking reservations for the initial production run, so if your pockets allow for it, you may want to jump on the list.

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