Solos is a super thin cycling glasses with augmented reality technology built-in. It captures real-time cycling data and displays it all, in a heads up display.

Live on KICKSTARTER, Solos looks like one of those inventions which would be worth while exploring and not just a gimmick.

While its initial focus is for cycling, it can be used in just about any sport or outdoor activities where capturing important data is necessary. Whether you ski, run, row or walk, you’ll be able to see your time, distance an elevation stats.

It almost reminds me of Google’s Glass, but in a more attractive and less creepy package.

The designers of this project, managed to fit so much, in a tiny  ergonomic frame without making it look bulky or awkward.

The team behind Solos, works closely with USA Cycling, where they have heavily tested these bike glasses. In fact, they are a sponsor of USA Cycling.

Solos Augmented Reality Bike Glasses

The HUD, according to the cycling team is large enough to view all of your information without obstructing your view of the environment. You’ll get to view important data like your speed, calories, heart rate and more.

Many cycling enthusiasts understand the time and effort setting up their bike computers to track and compare ride data.

There’s a plethora of bike computers on the market to choose from. Not all of them are made equal and they do sometimes fail when subjected to the elements, only lasting a short period.

Solos, aims to be the only solution for cyclists and sports buffs alike. It can easily connect to your mobile phone and integrate with Google Maps. You’ll get an audio/visual navigation through the heads up display.

You’ll also be able to view your stats on the free app for Android and iOS devices.

Powered by a lithium Ion battery, your estimated battery time will be about 6 hours. That should be enough to get you through your workout routine.

There’s just under 3 weeks left in this crowdfunding campaign. While the early bird specials are gone, you might take advantage of the KICSTARTER special, which starts at $374 for the Solos smart glasses.


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