2018 might produce some surprises from a well-known tech giant in the form of a mobile device. It’s still mostly a guessing game at this time, but if it is true, the Microsoft Surface Phone may become a reality and potentially a game-changer.

That’s a bit of a bold statement when you consider how much of a failure Windows Phone was. Not only was the adoption rate among customers poor, but Microsoft announced a few months ago that it wasn’t going to spend any more money developing new features for Windows 10 Mobile.

So why would Microsoft try its hand at making another mobile device again? It’s hard to say, but they certainly have the cash to do so if they want to.

But for the tech giant to make a comeback into the smartphone market, they will have to engineer a product vastly different from their earlier offerings. Company CEO Satya Nadella has previously stated that he would do just that if he was to re-enter Microsoft into the industry.

Surface Phone Patent

In a patent filed with the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the Surface Phone which is codenamed Andromeda shows a foldable device with a complex hinge. It seems as if there are two displays which can open like a Lenovo Yoga Thinkpad featuring an OLED screen.

The company files a plethora of patents every year which never sees the light of day., and we’ve seen similar designs like in the figure above surface throughout 2017.

Microsoft has worked on dual touchscreen tablet designs which we’ve previously heard about through rumors. They’ve also been rumored to be working on the Windows platform for a more consistent user experience across multiple devices.

Uploaded by @D_Breyer, these renderings are inspired by the latest patent filings for Andromeda.

If Microsoft produces a product looking anything like we’ve seen in these photos, they might just pull off an upset in 2018. The Andromeda could fill that gap between a smartphone and a tablet giving the user the best of both worlds.

It is similar to a foldable concept they made which was named the Microsoft Courier which was first sighted in 2008 but went on the chopping blocks in 2010.

No official statements have been released confirming the existence of the Surface Phone. There are rumblings of a 2018/2019 release time frame. It does seem as if Microsoft is still working on delivering a new mobile experience in the foreseeable future. It would be nice to see this concept come to life in 2018, which could shake things up for the industry.

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