The Seabin Project is designed to make ocean cleanup a simple automated project that cleans our harbors, water ways, ports and yacht clubs of the garbage we humans discard into the water without much thought.

Founders of the Seabin project Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, have put together what they call is the “Seabin”.

Its process is very simple as it sits in the waters and gathers any trash that floats into the bin aided by natural wind currents.

Water passes through a a catch bag which is made of natural materials, and the flows from the bottom of the bin up through a tube into a water pump that sits on a floating dock above.

This water pump can separate water and oil particles, returning the filtered water back into the ocean further benefiting marine life by cleaning the water.

Seabin Project Ocean Cleanup

All of this operates on a 24/7 365 days a year cycle. All a worker needs to do, is to collect the insert within the bin and properly dispose of the waste.

And according to the project creators, even when the Seabin is full, it still works by pulling garbage and keeping it against the sides of the bin.

With these Seabins in every port, we could do much in the way of moving towards cleaner waters for generations to come.

This ocean cleanup project is starting in and around marines and yacht clubs where lots of garbage can be collected. But it can be used anywhere in large bodies of waters.

Since the Seabin is easy to use and environmentally friendly, it aids in a broader effort to help cleanup our oceans and waterways.

Pete Ceglinski Andrew Turton Ocean Cleanup Project

As stated on the company’s website, the goal of this clean up project is:

  • To help rid the oceans of plastics and pollution.
  • To have a Seabin production in place by mid to end of 2016 and start shipping.
  • To create Seabins from the most sustainable materials and processes available.
  • To have the lowest carbon footprint possible in the production of the Seabins by means of alternative materials and processes. Also by reducing shipping and having the Seabins manufactured in the countries of installation.
  • To create and support local economies with the production, maintenance and installation of the Seabins world wide.
  • To have future models of Seabins for specific locations.
  • To educate people and cultures about being more responsible with the use and disposal of plastics.
  • To setup educational programs for students in schools.
  • To convert our captured plastics into energy.
  • To reuse or recycle our Seabins for other uses and or applications.
  • To have pollution free oceans with no need for the Seabins.

We can all agree that the worlds oceans have taken tremendous amounts of abuse since the industrial age.

Toxic chemical spills that have leaked out into our waters do nothing but harm the ecosystem which in the long run has an effect on us.

Many people don’t give a second thought to dashing pieces of rubbish into the middle of the ocean somewhere not realizing the harmful effects it has on the wildlife.

We see birds and fishes get caught and sometimes die in plastic meshes left because of carelessness.

The mission of Seabin Pty Ltd, is simple. Improving one of the Earth’s most precious resources which:

  • Covers 71% of our planet
  • Provides the majority of the worlds protein for human consumption in fish
  • Houses roughly 90% of life on Earth
  • Is no more than 10% explored

Anyone interested in supporting the project can do so through the Seabin INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign.

Currently as of this writing with well over five thousand backers, Seabin has reached 86% of its $230,000 goal to which the want to start shipments in the middle part of 2016.

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