Everyone likes the idea of traveling, period. Seriously, what’s not to like about visiting new places, meeting new people, and having tons of fun.

But what would happen if we tried to pull it off in real life? Yeah, we would probably learn that all that glitters is not gold and traveling, in general, carries a lot of baggage itself.

So, should we simply give up and continue to experience the world through Google Maps? Absolutely not. Let us see what the ever-developing world of hi-tech for the masses has to offer.

Laundry Set

Scrubba A Portable Wash

Sorry for squeezing in these two as one, but they just make an adorable couple. Not everyone is lucky enough to stay in expensive hotels equipped with expensive washing machines. For those of us who like to dress up couple times a day and run out of clean clothes quickly, do not despair, there’s a solution – The Scrubba Wash Bag and iron is the size of a computer mouse. The one will fit perfectly in most of the bigger travel bags and can wash a few pieces of clothes (it uses up to 4 liters of water) in one run (a couple of minutes), while the latter will make sure that you look neat and presentable when you are done.

The Neck Supporting Scarf

Neck Supporting Scarf

If you’ve ever been on a longer trip you know just how hard is to fall asleep in a moving vehicle. Finding a comfortable-enough position for your head and keeping it that way is next to impossible. U-pillows can remedy this problem to a certain extent although they are not the prettiest sights to look at. Enter the Trtl Travel Pillow which is essentially a beautiful scarf with in-built flexible neck support that will make sure you sleep like a king every time.

Portable Speakers

portable speakers

Remember what we said about washing machines earlier? Apply the same to your favorite speakers. Most of them are just too big to carry around the world, and you will see that the long nights at remote hotels can be very long and lonely. Divoom Airbeat 10 will make sure that is not the case. Use its suction bar to turn any hard surface into an extra subwoofer that amplifies the bass. With its portable and affordable design, they are an offer that is very hard to refuse.

Smart Suitcase

Smart Suitcase

Now, these are two words you never imagined seeing together. Surprisingly enough, smart suitcases make a lot of sense. One such example, Raden, envisioned by equity lawyer Josh Udashkin features in-built GPS, charger, and a scale that will help travelers to avoid pricey travel fees. It also has a neat app which provides relevant information about the trip (weather, travel directions, etc.). In short, everything you need to make your tip as carefree as possible.

Portable Ride


Navigating foreign cities has never been easy. A language barrier in the public transport, taxis which are not reliable enough, high car hire costs and of course, walking which can be plain exhausting. If only you had some sort of ride, you could fit in your backpack and get out when you need it. Well, Skywalkers segway board offers exactly that. With a cool rubbery design, advanced self-balancing technology, and a very powerful battery that will keep you running for up to 20km on a single charge, this little fellow has everything to make your attraction hunting a breeze.

These top five are among the coolest and most useful gadgets you should most definitely have by your side if you plan on traveling abroad this year. Technology is making our lives better on a daily basis. Why not let it do the same on vacation?

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