Electric bikes are becoming more popular in a world where technology is rapidly advancing and transforming the automobile as we know it. We hear much talking about EVs and autonomy as the future of sustainable transportation while failing to realize bikes are undergoing a revolution of their own.

The Singapore-based startup company UrbanX is taking advantage of this wave and is now introducing the UrbanX and UrbanX Eco motorized smart wheel for cyclists. Adding electric power to traditional bikes is just a matter of 60 seconds with the world’s most economical e-bike solution.

Eric Chow, founder, and CTO:

This urban transportation revolution, due mostly to common city problems such as congestion, pollution and parking woes, has inspired various electronic developments designed to make urban commuting more efficient and rider-friendly. UrbanX has taken these advances and created an economical solution that democratizes e-bike technology for all riders.

He’s right about that statement, as congestion is a problem, especially in the major cities like Toronto and New York when trying to get from one block to the next, could take you 30 minutes or more while driving. Not to mention the greenhouse gasses produced by the majority of vehicles and the cost of ownership, finding cleaner alternative modes of transportation is top of mind for many commuters.

UrbanX Smart Wheel Specs

UrbanX Electric Bike

Designed by Aberdeen Gini, both smart wheels are powered by a 36-volt Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery, which on a full charge gets riders up to a 30-mile range.

A patent-pending Sinus Algorithm Controlling System works to convert the stored energy inside the battery for improved range. Both of the wheels are made from aviation-standard aluminum which allows for greater strength while attaining a lightweight form which supports a rider up to 300lbs, while only weighing a scant 15lbs.

Installation is far from difficult, requiring only a simple switch with your bicycle’s front tire.

And with a price tag starting at $299 for the Eco model and $399 for the Booster edition, this is an affordable alternative mode of transport for anybody.

UrbanX Smart Wheel

Both wheel models are easily compatible with most bicycles using V-Brakes to Disc-Brakes with sizes of 24-inch, 26-inch, 27.5-inch, 650c and 700c bikes. Users can also charge their mobile devices with the built-in USB port and pair either an Android or iOS compatible smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

The free mobile app supports both platforms which allow riders to watch their battery life, keep track of the distance traveled, and control the three levels of pedal assist available. Both Urban X models can be equipped with a nice thumb throttle add-on which works in a similar way as a motorcycle assembly.

UrbanX recently launched their crowdfunding Campaign with just under 40 days left. And of course, with all KICKSTARTER  projects, this is an all-or-nothing model. For UrbanX to reach production, they need to hit their financial target with support from backers.

We love projects like these, as they help solve problems which people care about.

A sustainable mode of transportation, which is both stylish and economical without skimping on the latest technologies in consumer electronics is something hard to pass up.

I hope to see UrbanX reach its funding goal and hit their target shipping date to backers by July of this year.

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