An Apple Watch update has been rumored for spring of 2016, and hints are suggesting that we won’t see any major hardware changes to the hardware.

According to a report from CNBC, tech blog 9to5Mac says at Apple’s March event, the Apple Watch 2 will see the WatchOS 2.2 update.

Some features within this software update include pairing of multiple iPhones to a single Apple Watch while adding Nearby Search features in Apple Maps.

We expect to see different bands for this wearable device at this Spring’s event and possibly a new 4-inch iPhone model.

The wearables market has previously been forecasted to reach $70 billion within the next 10 years.

The most popular segment within the market are health and fitness applications.

While there are other rival manufacturers with their own smartwatches, Samsung, Withings, Lenovo/Motorola, LG and others, Apple’s offerings appears to be the dominant player in this market.

Apple Watch Update March

There remains those consumers who feel there aren’t any compelling reasons to jump into smartwatches yet.

Whether it’s the lack of innovative features or unique useful purposes, this Apple Watch update will have the eyes of the world heavily analyzing this product.

It also looks as if we can expect a redesign sometime this Fall for the next Apple Watch. One hardware feature some users are interested in, is the inclusion of a built-in camera.

Such a feature would drive up the cost of the product as well possibly add a little unwanted extra bulk.

There will be other enhancement to the next Apple Watch that have yet to be revealed.

At this point we have some insight on what to expect from the Cupertino tech giant on its next generation of wearables.

Until we see the unveiling of this device in the Spring we won’t know for certain what to expect next from Apple.

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