The biggest technology event of the year, CES 2017 is just around the corner, and tech giants have flexed their muscles to make some big announcements.

The year of 2016 saw a massive transitional change within the tech industry. Moving ahead from just optimizing the smartphone and computer gadgets, we also saw a collective effort in not only development but also the adoption of newer technologies.

A lot of companies are now coming together and working in the augmented and virtual reality segment. Tech titans have understood the potential use of virtual reality which can touch several diverse fields like education, medicine, industry growth and business scalability, etc.

On the other hand, companies are also working to providing breakthrough solutions with self-machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The concept of Internet-of-Things has gained a lot of traction in 2016, as the tech giants are coming with some innovative hardware devices which can directly be connected to over the Internet and cloud. The users can then easily manage and control all these devices over the smartphone from anywhere in the world and take concrete action.

Carrying forward with all these existing developments and with some logical projections ahead, here is what we can expect at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, Nevada between January 5-8, 2017.


The South Korea-based tech giant is indeed projected to be there at CES 2017; there are slimmer chances for any major new smartphone announcements we could hear. Though talks about the 2017 models for the Galaxy A series are making rounds.

Additionally, we can expect a new Windows-based tablet mostly the Galaxy Tab Pro S2. We can also expect the company to announce new models of TVs and a range of home appliances.


It’s been nearly eight months since the launch of HTC’s last flagship smartphone the HTC 10 and chances for any major announcement at CES 2017 for its next flagship seems to be less probable.

On the other hand, the company is doing very well in the virtual reality segment with its Vive headsets, and we could expect a completely wireless Vive 2 headset to be unveiled at the event.

Faraday Future 


Nvidia has got some of the very exciting plans to reveal at the CES 2017. For the first time, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is likely to have a keynote address, and the company promises to be heard for some major announcements for gaming, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and self-driving cars.

Check out the below teaser video released by the company.


At the CES 2017, Bosch is likely to focus more on “how the Internet of Things becomes personal.” We can expect some major announcements coming for solutions of smart home and smart city, connected industry and connected mobility.

Asus and Huawei

‘Zenovation’ will be the official press conference by Asus at CES 2017 where the company will release products within its famous Zen brands. This could encompass a range of devices like tablets, computers, and smartphones.

Similarly, Huawei CEO Richard Yu is expected to address a keynote on Jan 5 where is expected to talk or showcase the successors to its flagship handsets like the Mate 9 or the Huawei P9. We could also likely hear a word regarding the next smartwatch from the company.

With a lot of expectations pouring in, we are sure that we are likely to hear some exciting announcements taking place at the event.

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