It’s like an undertaking dissimilar to any school project students have ever encountered. Setting out to learn all they can about the world is a daunting task. Some parents struggle to keep their children engaged in school, while others flourish with their studies. Because smartphone use is so prevalent in today’s world, some parents are asking what the appropriate age to give a kid a cell phone is?

To put it plainly, giving a youngster a mobile device is like giving them crystal meth.

In fact, it’s that way for a lot of adults, and it can be a challenge to kick the habit of regularly checking your social media feed for the latest updates.

Smartphone usage is on the rise for young kids and according to a report, last year by CNN kids under the age of 9 spend more than 2 hours a day looking at their phones.

It’s a cause for concern, as that number seems to be on the rise for that age group.

More than likely parents aren’t aware of the sorts of things kids are doing on their devices.

Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the many social media platforms children are addicted to.

It can be hard to watch what your child is doing when you aren’t around.

There are many apps available for both Android and iOS that can mask pictures and texts messages from parents which can be a scary thought for a guardian.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a whole list of educational learning games for kids in this age group, it’s that one has to be mindful of the pitfalls.

In fact, Apple has an app for the iPad that teaches young people how to code for their platform and its free.

But there are going to be times where monitoring your kid’s smartphone usage is next to impossible.

9 Year Old Cell Phone Use

CTV News recently compiled a short list of three apps to restrict a child’s internet use:

Ultimately the choice to allow a smartphone in the hands of a child is going to be up to the parent.

At the very basic end of it all, an iPhone or Android device can be used as a safety tool for quickly staying in contact with a loved one in various situations.

But it has to be said, that smartphone addiction is a real thing. At the very least, parents should regulate the use of a mobile device for a kid nine years and under and shouldn’t allow free reign of the device.

The alarming rate that young people as sexting in a cause for concern.

Predators know this and will exploit vulnerable people in the most devious of ways.

Self-control and self-respect are fundamental principles that need to be taught inside and outside of the home.

Children will be less likely to subject themselves to negative peer-pressure once they learn the basics.

There have been studies that show four in ten parents of 12-15-year-olds can barely control on-screen time. These factors should be taken into account when trying to decide to give a child a mobile device.

The appropriate age to give a kid a cell phone should be when they can display an acceptable level of trust and responsibility. Some adults can’t practice the very basics of self-control and should have their devices taken away immediately. We see many examples in the news. Mobile use continues to rise and is an essential aspect of today’s society. But as with all things beneficial, everything done in moderation is a key for success.

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