A recent story came out about a 32-year-old man who died on December 11 because he charged an iPhone while he was taking a bath in his home.

According to the article from the Independent, Richard Bull had his iPhone charger plugged into an extension cord from his hallway, and then laid it on his chest while he was soaking in the tub.

A tragic accident indeed, because to lose your life is one thing, but to lose it over something as easily preventable as this incident is heartbreaking and a bit mind-boggling.

Bull, who is from West London was so badly burnt on his chest and arm area, that when his wife discovered his body, she immediately thought that he was attacked.

Richard Bull iPhone

Richard’s death was ruled to be an accident by the Assistant Corner Dr. Sean Cummings.

Mr. Cummings is now in the process of preparing an official prevention of future death report to Apple so that they can attach warning labels to their chargers.

The Dangers Of Water And Electricity

Richard Bull failed to remember one of the most fundamental rules taught in science class, and that is water is an excellent conductor of electricity.

Mainly the minerals and contaminants found in water are.

The Assistant Corner who is sending his report to Apple may just be wasting his time on this one for two reasons.

  1. We all should know to never, ever mix water and electricity because of how the electricity travels through the water, and if you are in it, you then become the pathway to the ground.
  2.  When was the last time you read the instructions or paid attention to any of the warning labels that come in the box of your smartphone? I’ll take a wild guess and say the majority of you don’t.

Sadly, this is not the first case, and likely it won’t be the last of someone dying while trying to charge an iPhone in the water.

And it can be any device; this is not exclusive to Apple products. This Internet is filled with reports of people who die while mixing water and electricity.

Keeping all electrical appliances out of the water is something you should always remember.

Never swim in a pool during a thunderstorm, never blow dry your hair in the shower, never use electrical power tools in wet conditions and so forth.

My heart goes out to Richard’s family because I’m sure he was loved and was a valuable member.

We love our devices and many times we find it hard to put them down. They help us stay connected with the outside world, we love our apps, they are an important communications tool for business and play.

Just remember to use common sense when dealing with your mobile phone, and in most cases, that text or Tweet can wait until later.

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