Nearly seven months have passed since the LG G6 hit store shelves and we are still gasping for credible leaks about its successor, the LG G7. Sure, bits and pieces of rumors are coming in – they always do – but the full picture is still kind of hazy.

While LG is expectedly tight-lipped about it, the next G-Series flagship is likely to be unveiled at the CES 2017, scheduled to kick off IN January 2018. (If I had to, I would bet my money on a CES launch with shipping starting at around spring).

But even if you think CES 2018 is a bit too early for the much-anticipated G7 launch, there’s no way on Earth LG will wait any further than late February when Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 kicks off (on Feb 26, to be more specific).

LG G7 release date
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Usually, LG has a habit of releasing the first smartphone of the year on the eve of the MWC. So you might want to keep a close eye on Feb 25 if we don’t hear anything too exciting from the South Korean firm at the CES.

LG G7 specs rumors

LG has so far done a neat job keeping the LG G7 specs under the wrap.

Based on whatever little we know, it is likely that the handset will make some changes in the placement of the fingerprint sensor. Unlike the G6, the G7 will carry a fingerprint sensor on the front. And no, it won’t be built into the home button either. Instead, LG has reportedly built the G7’s fingerprint sensor right onto the display.

LG first announced this technology last year, although it was probably not a polished product by the time this year’s flagships were ready to launch.

Another major change would be the introduction of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G modem which will make your internet connectivity a lot faster. If everything goes as per plan, the LG G7, along with the Samsung Galaxy S9, will be the first handsets to feature this technology.

The addition of the X50 modem could theoretically boost your mobile internet speed up to 5Gbps (although, it will depend on your network provider as well).

Apart from that, LG is also likely to finally switch to OLED panels starting with the G7. Word on the street is that the company has experimented with next-generation display technologies for a while now, including a flexible OLED screen. If the ongoing rumors are to be taken at face value, an upgrade of the display is likely.

So what’s your take on the forthcoming LG G7? Given a choice, would you prefer it over the Samsung Galaxy S9? Let us know in the comments below.

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