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Would You Live In This Underground City In Coober Pedy Australia?

Smack dab in the middle of the desert, South Coober Pedy, Australia is nothing short of an extreme city.  Known for its scorching heat, with temperatures reaching over 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 1,600 residents have had to make some wonderful accommodations in Coober Pedy Australia to just survive there.

south coober pedy australia

Coober Pedy is now the opal capital of the world, people travel from all over, in hopes of “striking it rich”.

With such extreme heat, the locals have had to live in the mines.


Although to you, that may not seem so pleasant, the Coober Pedy population have outdone themselves, with some even building their underground dream homes.



They have built over 1500 underground homes, referred to as “dugouts”, two churches, a local underground bar, restaurants and even an underground bookstore and more.


Some locals got a bonus when building their underground home and found enough opals to pay for the construction and then some.

South Coober Pedy sure is a cool place, with all the attractions and underground attractions, I think I’ll add it to my bucket list of places to see one day.



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