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The online space is packed with endless live streaming videos. There are educational videos, business webinars, music gigs and a whole list of other informative content.

 Now, what if you wanted an option to watch a live stream at a later time? 

Unfortunately, most of the live video sites don’t offer downloading capabilities. 

So, how can you record streaming videos? By simply using Movavi Screen Recorder.

This platform will allow you to record live videos, with options for saving the files on your system so that you can watch your content later.

The post below will explain how you can conveniently carry out this process with the Movavi program.

Download & Install

The first task is to download & install Movavi Screen Recorder on your system.

Set Your Recording Parameters

Open the page that is streaming the video. Then, all you need to do is to draw a captured frame over it. The frame can be adjusted manually to suit your preferences.

To record a video in maximum resolution, merely open up a list of available presets and select the Full-Screen option for your monitor.

Then, click on System Audio to turn on the audio recorder.

Record The Video

Movavi Live Video Recorder

Now, we have reached the primary step of our recording process. Look for the REC tab and click on it. After 3 seconds, click on the Play button on the streaming player and the recording will start. Click on the Stop button after you have recorded the desired part of the video. Then, the video file will be saved in your system in MKV format.

Convert Your Video

Are you looking to share your video with other devices?

If the secondary device does not support MKV format, the best thing is to convert to a compatible format. 

Click on Save As and the video will open up in the preview window. Open More presets roster and choose the desired format. Now, just click on Save.

Essential features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Able to record any live streaming videos online
  • Able to record audio with video from multiple sources
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Comes with a built-in timer that helps with automatic recording once the recording duration is set
  • Recordings are saved without loss of quality
  • Supports all major video and audio formats
  • Able to convert videos in any video format and for mobile devices

Useful Tips For Users

Movavi Screen Recorder Time

If you are unable to sit throughout a particular recording because of time constraints, don’t worry. 

Just click on alarm clock icon. The Movavi program carries features a timer. You can quickly set the recording duration with the timer, and the software will stop recording once the timer reaches the set time limit.

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