Pokémon Go players can now keep track of their hunting activities through the Google Maps Timeline feature, on a mobile device or the desktop web application.

Google’s Timeline setting already includes location-based tracking which helps users stay current with commuting trends to and from places, while also suggesting places nearby, to explore and more. You can also see the history of where you have traveled to with maps for a complete snapshot of your travels.

The hit Pokémon Go augmented reality game, took mobile gaming by storm this summer boasting millions of daily players from all over the world.

We saw people hunting and catching Pokémon everywhere. Crowds would flock to a scene when characters were sighted; it was crazy!

Google Maps  Timeline Pokemon go
Credit image Android Authority

Along with viewing walking, cycling, public transit routes, you now have the option to see your “Catching Pokémon activity,” by editing the places you have been. You will see the label when you change an event.

While this might not be a big deal to many people, especially those that don’t have an interest in the game, some Pokémon Go users might find this Google Maps Timeline feature an extra perk worthy of continuing to play this mobile game.

Pokémon Gp has seen a plateau of some sorts, as players are just not engaged as much as they used to a few months ago. There’s been a big drop off in daily usage, suggesting that this fad is on its way out, much like Farm Ville and Candy Crush Saga.

Since the developer Niantic made changes to catching Pokémon harder, enthusiasts of the game have lashed out voicing their displeasure towards these updates.

For now, it seems as if Google has recognized the game’s popularity as an outdoor activity worthy enough to place it within the Timeline feature.

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